不要让提交FAFSA压垮你! 向财务援助专家寻求帮助. 欧宝体育app来这里是为了帮助现在和未来的学生. We can help with creating an FSA ID 和 we can answer any questions related to completing the FAFSA 和 your eligibility.

We offer a combination of aid programs including grants, scholarships, work-study, 和 loans. Based on eligibility, students may qualify for funding from one or more of these programs.


Big changes are coming to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application for the 2024-2025 aid year!




  • Use federal school code 001500 (东拉斯奥拉斯大道111号, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301).
  • You can choose the option to have your tax information automatically imported into your FAFSA. 这会节省你的时间. Be sure to select the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) option when filing your FAFSA.

After completing your FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (特别行政区) from the U.S. Department of Education summarizing all of the information you provided in the online application. 你的预期家庭供款(EFC)会包括在特别行政区内.  In determining your eligibility, the College calculates your estimated 出勤费用 (COA​). Your EFC is subtracted from your COA to determine your eligibility for need-based aid. 请检查您的 特别行政区 为准确,并作出任何必要的在线更正.

Before your financial aid can be processed, students must fulfill all outst和ing requirements. 这些要求显示为您的 myBC 帐户和问题应尽快解决. Red flags mean that your financial aid will not be processed until all documents are received by the 金融援助 office.

登录到 myBC 和 check the 金融援助 'Application Status' p年龄 to review your red flags 和 how to resolve them. 的 'Document Details' button will provide an explanation of what you are required to do in each case.

一旦你的经济援助被处理, you will be able to see your awards on your myBC account under the '奖' p年龄. Please note that awards can be adjusted based on changes in your enrollment.

Student aid is based on hours of enrollment: 1 to 5 credits (less than half time), 6 - 8学分(半天), 9至11学分(三节课时), 或12学分或以上(全日制). You should only enroll in classes necessary to complete your degree 和 only enroll in the number of credits that you can 成功完成 就这个学期而言. If you are uncertain about your desired major or classes, you should see a 欧宝体育app大学 academic 顾问. 不遵守这些指导方针可能会导致失去资格.    

请注意:  金融援助 is awarded each semester based on your enrollment status 和 is adjusted based on changes you make to your schedule 前后对比 学期开始. 例如, 如果你获得了12个学分,那么将你的注册减少到6个学分, 你的助学金有变化. 一旦你确定了你想上的课程, 你应该报名参加你计划参加的所有课程和课程, 甚至是学期晚些时候开始的第三和第四节课. 的 佩尔助学金计算器 可以根据你的入学情况来决定你的奖励吗.

If you decide that you are no longer interested in attending a particular class or for a particular semester, 你有责任退课。. Do not rely on being dropped automatically for non-payment or the instructor to drop you from your classes.

​Once all of your documents have been submitted 和 your file has been processed, log in to myBC 并在“奖项”页面上查看您的奖项. 请注意,奖励可以根据入学情况进行调整. 退款信息也可以在此页面找到. 

校园书店归巴恩斯所有并经营 & 高贵的. 要想成功, it is important to plan to have your textbooks 和 materials by the first day of class. You may visit your campus’s bookstore to purchase your materials or use Barnes & 高贵的的在线订购平台.

如果你的经济援助超过你的 学杂费 after you have been awarded, you will be provided $60 per credit hour to use at the bookstore. Course registration is required before you can use financial aid at the bookstore 和 students who would like to use Federal 金融援助 must submit authorization prior to visiting the campus bookstore.

提交书店授权,请登录您的 myBC 账户和找到我的财务标签. 选择财务授权并回答问题. Please allow 3-4 hours after course registration or after completing the bookstore authorization before using your 金融援助 funds to purchase your coursework materials.

欧宝体育app与巴恩斯合作 & 高贵的 to offer the 第一天 Access Textbook Saving Program providing digital course materials included as an additional course charge for a particular course or program. 如果你有超过学费的经济援助, 费用, 和其他书店采购, 你的费用将得到支付. 如果你没有足够的经济援助, you will receive a bill 和 will need to pay online through your myBC account. 请查看 第一天 有关该计划的更多信息.

有关课程资料的资料及问题,请浏览 公元前书店.

  • 学生必须被录取到符合条件的学校 学位或证书课程 以获得经济援助.
  • 学生必须见面 学业进展满意(SAP) 标准.
  • Enrollment can affect aid amounts, 和 only classes that are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as being required for degree completion will be used to calculate eligibility for Title IV funds.


需要帮助提交你的FAFSA? 欧宝体育app可以在校内和网上提供帮助.




注意:0%利息支付计划适用于所有学生. 注册费用为35至45美元. 每月20号前付款. 如果不能按时付款,可能会导致
dropped from the plan, with tuition payment due in full to 欧宝体育app大学.


通知出纳/财务处 collegebursar@syxzsyq.com 如果你有:

  • A sponsorship that will pay all or a portion of your Summer 2023 tuition such as Vocational Rehabilitation, CareerSource, 企业赞助, 等.
  • 军事学费援助
  • Florida pre-paid; 1-800-552-4723
会议1 & 2
注册日期 付款的最后期限
提前报名- 8月6日 8月8日
8月7日- 8月15日 8月16日
8月16日- 8月20日 8月21日
8月21 - 22日 8月23日
8月23日- 25日 8月25日
NOTE: All accounts must be paid or payment arrangements made to remain registered for your classes. Classes may be dropped for nonpayment if tuition is not paid or covered by the due date.


第一天 of Classes; 会议1 & 2

Last day to drop with 100% refund; 会议1 & 2

注册日期 付款的最后期限
提前报名- 8月25日 8月29日
8月26日- 29日 8月31日
8月30日- 9月5日 9月6日
9月6日- 9月10日 9月11日
9月11日- 9月13日 9月13日

第一天 of Classes; 会议3

Last day to drop with 100% refund; 会议3

注册日期 付款的最后期限
提前报名- 10月5日 10月9日
10月6日- 10月9日 10月11日
10月10日- 10月15日 10月16日
10月16日- 10月17日 10月18日
10月18日- 10月23日 10月23日
NOTE: All accounts must be paid or payment arrangements made to remain registered for your classes. Classes may be dropped for nonpayment if tuition is not paid or covered by the due date.


第一天 of Classes; Session 4

Last day to drop with 100% refund; Session 4

注意:如果学生在课程期间增加了额外的课程, 学费应立即支付.

有关财政援助的信息,请访问 经济援助页面.

有关奖学金的信息,请访问 奖学金的页面.

有关付款的信息,请访问 收银员页面.
请致电954201 -6545或发电子邮件与欧宝体育app联系 collegebursar@syxzsyq.com

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Student Financial Services is available to assist students with any questions concerning financial aid eligibility. It is our goal to ensure that your financial aid process is both pleasant 和 seamless. 联络欧宝体育app或按“?,选择“CHAT”,与在线座席聊天!

消费者信息 & 披露有酬工作

In accordance with federal regulations pertaining to the Higher Education Act, 欧宝体育app必须做出 消费者资料披露(PDF) available to current 和 prospective students, employees 和 the general public.

的 college is also required to disclose information about programs that lead to 有偿的工作 致未来的学生.